Friday, March 18, 2011

Food Waste Friday

Every Friday we are going to join the “Food Waste Friday” Blogger’s and post what food is inedible.  I feel frustrated when food goes bad.  We work really hard to pay for food; we have a combustion engine transportation system that gets it to our stores, and wonderful grocers who work hard on supplying the food.  It takes a lot of energy to get food from the ground to our plates, and it bothers me that at the last link on the chain of command that I have failed to get it to our family. 

The Frugal Girl invites us to share our waste, so we will be motivated not to waste it.  Please share your gripes, so that you will be motivated to eat those leftovers, cook appropriate sized meals, and not let those veggies get ignored in the bottom drawer.

Another bad food waste week in this home.  I want to say that I don't know why we have so much food waste, but I do.  I keep purchasing vegetables that I wish my family liked and would eat.  Adam and Hannah are not big root vegetable eaters nor do they like zucchini.  Since there is no packaging on these foods I buy them hoping I will follow through with a special recipe.  I had purchased the eggplant again to make ratatouille which I love.  I had first had it homemade from a business called Supperworks a few years ago.  It is a business where they do all the prep work for homemade meals and you assemble them.  For a nominal fee you can even have them assemble them for you.  I love all aspects of their business except for all the plastic ziploc bags in the process.  I am sure that you are allowed to bring your own containers if you prepare the food yourself.

There is a new book that I would like to find used or at the library by Jonathan Bloom titled American Wasteland. I think it will give us the extra kick to plan more effective meals and less ignorant of this issue.


  1. Maybe you need to consider ways of working the eggplant and zucchini into recipes you already make and love? For example, I shred both eggplant and zucchini along with carrots and put them into my lasagna. Or you could mix them into meatballs or meatloaf.

    I was just thinking that it might be easier to do that rather than incorporating a new food and a new recipe into the mix.

    But if you want new recipes for either, I am happy to share with you.

    I really enjoy your family blog. Good work!

  2. I grew up without ever seeing an eggplant or zucchini! What a great idea, can/can't believe I never thought of that!

    Maybe I should send you pics of the to be food waste and you could let me know what to make for dinner... how does Wednesday Food Waste Prevention Day sound?

  3. Right before the veggies/fruit goes bad, I cut it all up and chuck it in the freezer for whatever later on - usually soup and muffins.
    But I gotta know: what's in the jar, that pinky purpley stuff? Is it blueberry pancake mix gone awry?

  4. You could maybe consider roasting some of hte root vegetables and using them in a soup .. these are so YUMMY!