Monday, March 21, 2011


Another horse that Hannah found for Jill
she plays for hours with these 3

I have always boasted about not liking to go shopping.  I think the main problem with shopping is that I have no self control.  I got into a lot of trouble when I worked for a major department store during high school and university.  They put the attendance swipe machine in the women’s department, so that most of the employees had to walk through all the clothing to get to their departments.  I worked in the linen and bathroom section and it took me a long time to stop obsessing over how towels get folded in our linen closet here at home.  I can’t shake the perfectly made bed issue but I am working on it!

I never thought I would ever buy a stuffed animal for my children but here it is Abby Caddaby who I thought Jill loved after seeing Seasame Street Live..she chucked Abby out of her bed to play with cat!
Picked up awesome MEC waterproof mitts for next year at $3
piece and tupperware for our never ending battle of keeping up the dishes.

Two very different  inspiring ladies
The store I worked at was also located in a mall.. doom do doom doom… chaching!  For that very reason I never got a credit card then, besides the one for my store (bad,bad idea too).  I swear every payday I took at least the minimum amount and gave it right back to them.  Most months I owed more than I made.

A little out of date but still sends
the right message! Save, save, save!
Since then I have wised up and don’t spend more money than I make…but here’s the problem now.  I don’t make any money…so don’t spend any more than Adam makes I guess?

I had a discussion with Adam last week.  Even though I constantly come home with little things that we will need in the future I am saving money (for the most part) by getting things before we need it.  Take Hannah’s soccer cleats, I found a pair at Boomerang Kids last week for $6, if I left it up to Adam he would be rushing to the nearest Sports Store 10 minutes before her first game and buy whatever fits.  I guess this is not such a great example though, because she wasn’t with me and I bought a size too big…now I am on the hunt for a size 1 not 2.  They will be ready for next year, so she better want to play again J  Another, issue is that Adam notices what books I bring home for the kids… and sometimes we already have them.  My problem is that I find a wonderful, well written, award winning children’s book I have to snatch it up for one of my friends from my BA program.  Seriously they are all pregnant right now, popping them out every 3 months or so.  Who calls dibs on Blueberries for Sal, Good Night Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Guess How Much I Love You this week?

Back to shopping, now that I have two children, shopping gets split into two categories:
1-with kids, max 15 minutes, and a verbal warning about whining
2-no kids, min 15 minutes just to relax and wander around aimlessly


Hannah is modeling her favorites from a bag of second hand clothing she received from
a friend in our old neighbourhood. We don't do well in changing rooms so trying stuff on at home and passing on the one's that are not her style is my style.  It was St. Patrick's Day so she danced to Lord of the Dance 
for hours in the top right outfit.  Thanks Tina!

I really don’t like this no buying new when I have the kids in tow.  It frustrates me that what I am looking for nobody is finished with it yet and has donated it the day before I came out to get it!  I guess it doesn’t work that way, so now I tend to make Adam stop when we are out together as a family so I can run into the store with out the girls.

I never thought to check if the pump wonder
someone donated it :( Plus the French bread tray was in the bag when
we picked up the banana tree.

Now we have two bathrooms to
clean our teeth, yeah for more sinks
to wipe out!

This was in a Martha Stuart magazine that I had
ripped out years ago...cheers to the mom
that made it for her girl! (not me)

Our neighbour passed on some board books,
destroyer Jillian still gets to read these in bed and
is cautioned when using the paperbacks..she rips
books if no one is looking!

Banana Tree

More Fairy Books for Hannah

Curbside Find:  I had been looking for one
for Adam has to figure out
how to get my machine inside
(those curtains are still waiting to be made,
3 months and counting)
My friend Jo found this at Sally Ann's for me. It
matches the set of wall sconces I already have from
Partylite. Candles have been my go to relaxer the past
few years, sometimes you just need to focus your thoughts
on nothing!

So if you are going to go out and shop for your family's needs, leave the kids at home and browse around the consignment shops, Sally Ann's, Value Village etc.  There are no annoying executives making the staff tend to your every need and pressure you to buy. Relax and wander for awhile!



  1. So hard to shop with the wee ones. I've had lots of good luck at Boomerang. The only frustration is that they don't transfer your credit from store to store.

    Have you tried the new Value Village out in Stittsville. VERY clean and organized.

  2. Imshould be heading out that way this weekend...maybe I'll stop in. Thanks for the heads up