Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour

Power's out!  Use Candles!
Earth hour is tonight.  We are going to play Beacon’s Wanted.  It is like hide’n go seek in the dark.  The seeker has to yell out “Beacon’s wanted!” and then listen for animal sounds that the hiders are making to find them.  Before Earth Hour I am going to do my homework before it gets dark, and do a loop craft while we have sunlight coming through our windows.  My mom and I went around the house to unplug everything that have lights that stay on when they are plugged in like: the microwave, the coffee maker, the alarm clocks, the portable heater in Jill’s room and the computer speakers.  There are lots of electronics plugged into power bars.  A teacher at my old school said that power bars slit up the electricity so that one thing does not get all of the electricity.  We turned off the power bars so everything turns off at the same time including the power bar light.  We took out the battery charger that was finished charging the batteries out of the outlet.  The bread maker was already unplugged and the fish tank still doesn’t have a heater yet or fish.  I remembered to turn off the propane heater because it takes electricity to blow the warm air out. During earth hour we won’t use warm water because it takes electricity to warm the water up.  We couldn’t unplug the refrigerator, the oven, washing machine, the deep freezer and thermostats.  Our house uses electricity not gas to heat it, so we are going to turn down the thermostats for that hour.  We are going to eat dinner before earth hour so we won’t starve and we are going to use candles and make a campfire to warm up our toes.

By Hannah

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  1. Great job Hannah!
    Your friend Malcolm will be... well sleeping for Earth Hour!!
    Have fun :)