Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mend Don't Spend

Our family must be really good at sharing and taking turns.  We have each passed on a bug of some sort to each other and taken turns getting sick.  Wonderful.

Anyways, since we have been having a hard time posting consistently, I fall asleep and wake up at the oddest hours I wanted to share with you a few projects that I have been working on this morning.  A few years ago I would never had imagined that knitting and sewing would become a hobby, and it only came about because I wasn't allowed to play sports for a year.  Now I am just too tired and in pain to get out there and play hockey, soccer and rugby and these hobbies have stuck.

Here is some puzzle bags I made for our playgroup using the ends of my curtains that I hemmed.  I am trying to get away from using plastic bags for everything, including ziploc for snacks.  The girls received cute snack pouches from their Aunt Tanya last Christmas that I absolutely need to make more of.  Did I mention that I love homemade gifts!?

Next, is an upcycled tee shirt dress that I made Jill one afternoon.  Inspiration came from Cheri at I am Momma-Hear Me Roar.  I cut a bunch of tank tops that I really don't want to have to wear again this summer, and since I am a beginner sewer it did not matter if I make a mistake (or two, or three..)

At first she wasn't a happy camper    

A few minutes later she was all smiles

Lastly, is a sheer to put behind Hannah's curtains that I have yet to make.  It usually takes me months to get the motivation to get around to bigger projects since we don't have a space where things can be left out for too long.   Originally it looked reasonably ok, but not finished....then some mischievous quiet toddler who I thought was reading in her sister's room took her scissors to it.  Great.  At least she didn't destroy the pockets.  The pockets are to display "special" treasures Hannah finds in nature, like pressed flowers, rocks, and leaves.  I would like to put some of the material from the curtains around the edges but I don't know how yet.

Note: after yesterday's electricity discussion we ran out of propane for the kitchen fireplace.  The temperature is a cool 10 degrees Celsius and the kids are eating in their snowsuits this morning.  If I could I would drive to Florida today to warm my freezing feet!


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