Friday, February 11, 2011

Food Waste Friday

            Every Friday we are going to join the “Food Waste Friday” Blogger’s and post what food is inedible.  I feel frustrated when food goes bad.  We work really hard to pay for food; we have a combustion engine transportation system that gets it to our stores, and wonderful grocers who work hard on supplying the food.  It takes a lot of energy to get food from the ground to our plates, and it bothers me that at the last link on the chain of command that I have failed to get it to our family. 

The Frugal Girl  invites us to share our waste, so we will be motivated not to waste it.  Please share your gripes, so that you will be motivated to eat those leftovers, cook appropriate sized meals, and not let those veggies get ignored in the bottom drawer.

 While trying to use up our leftovers of pizza dough and the fajita filling I tried to make a fajita pizza on half our pizza for dinner.  This picture is a couple days after where we reheated it for lunch since it didn't get eaten for it's original meal.  I think Adam pulled off a piece to try, ate the meat off it, then we composted it.  Leftover leftovers=not a chance.

There was also a pear, a lemon and  a banana that no one would eat, so I threw it in the freezer for smoothies or juice at a later date.  As luck would have it we were the lucky recipients of a juicer on Orleans Freecycle this past week!  So we will save the forgotten fruit to make juice.  Although I do not wish for fall to come soon, apple picking with our girls is one of our favorite low key activities and now we won’t have to limit their pickings.  We will have frozen apple juice all winter long next year J

Share your food waste and let us know if you have been trying to follow the Frugal Girl's lead.
Have a great weekend

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