Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home Cooking

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the compact has been making our own food from scratch .Its still the winter, so there is not a lot to choose from but we have gotten quite a lot better at making flour based foods. We have used our bread maker to the max; it is usually running once a day or every other day at least. We have made lots of dough, breads, buns, and so on. So, yeah, you’re thinking, you bread-maker-using cheaters! Do it the right way! Ummm, no thanks. The amount of time it saves using that thing is great, I would not have the time to knead dough, rise it, knead it etc…
Looks just like they came from the store! 

Baking keeps them busy, happy, and teaches them how to not rely on consumerism for everything! Make it yourself!
We tried some things that we didn’t really think of until we realized we had none, like tortillas and English muffins. Which were remarkably easy to make and turned out just like the store bought varieties. The kids have enjoyed helping us make stuff too. When we make tortillas, Hannah and Jillian have a great time rolling out their dough; it usually takes Jill the whole time to roll one and keeps her quite busy!

Erin has made us some nice desserts too. She has made some Danish pastries, cookies and other delicious treats! Its fun, rewarding, and costs a heck of a lots less, so go get your apron and a bag of flour and get to it!
The amazing sideways muffins!

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  1. those english muffins look EXACTLY like they came from a store. great job! nothing is as good as homemade bread (or the smell of it in the house!)