Monday, January 24, 2011

Compacting my Inbox

How many emails are too many?  I had 3505 emails in my inbox, and a whopping 2183 I had not even read.  The important messages got read and sometimes even those got lost in the clutter.  There are 24 messages sent from 26/04/2007-21/09/2009 that apparently were important enough to keep since the last time I cleaned my hotmail account out.  They included photos, and contact info which I needed to transfer (finally) over to my address book.
            In the past I have been a sucker for free samples, coupons, daily deal promotions, online shopping and updates to sporting events/concerts all over the place.  When I do happen to purchase an item, as well as a receipt I receive large amounts of advertising sent to my inbox.  Yeah, more excuses to shop!  In the end, instead of saving money I spend more, and have not only cluttered up my inbox but also my life.  Now I feel the need to head off to Toronto, Montreal or even Disney (gasp!) to enjoy all these experiences.
            So last week it was my challenge to rid my email of the evil consumer driving advertising and be free of the “life” that corporations like to tell us we need.  I am no longer going to be a sucker, and I will embrace the “loser” in me.  Are going to lose out by not having the next best toy, newest book, or going on the far from home adventure?  By the end of the year we will know for sure, but this little adventure we have embraced has already made us feel more content with our lives.

All of the corporations I unsubscribed to:

Disney Destinations
Disney Cruise Line
Disney Hello- I am afraid to open them anyways since I will want to go!
Boston Pizza
Direct Buy
ING Direct
Mountain Equipment Coop
Chapter’s Indigo- hardest one to remove
Pull Ups
Old Navy
Choice Hotels
Toys R Us
Hockey Canada Online Store
Studio Jade
Today’s Parent Magazine
Roger’s Magazine service

Tara Medium
Deal of the Day- Red Flag Deals
Purina/My kitten- to get free samples of cat food
The New Magazine City
Dish Promotions-Live4MeTV??
Career Training-CDI college
ProActive Solution
Special Offers?
Dollars for Gold
Online Contests Canada
Online Jobs
Restaurant Rewards
Pet Priority
Explore Talent
Similac Club
NPD Research
Brand Sampler
Senior People Meet?!
The Very Best Baking Team
Jet Bingo
Bingo Cabin
CS Johnson and Canada
Orchard Bank
Sparkle Horoscope
Lasik MD

Ottawa Sport and Social Club
Girl Guides of Canada- Ontario Council
Gymboree Play and Music Classes
Canada’s Wonderland
 Ottawa School of Art
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts-ticketmaster –thomas the Tank Engine for Jill and Luca?:(
Hockey Canada
Frozen in Ottawa..Dan’s ticket update
Broadway Across Canada
Backstreet Boys Newsletter J
National Arts Centre
Ski Vorlage
Starr gymnastics
Cumberland Farmer’s market
Rugby Canada
Just for Laughs
Canadian Cancer Society

2 hours in (not all at one time/I need to pace) and down to the end it took me over 7 days of sporadically going at it.  Never again will it get infiltrated by corporations again!

I have to admit that unsubscribing from the activities was the hardest.  I kind of felt like I was hoarding the memories of all the things we have done with our kids in the past.  It’s like whenever I would get a Disney Cruise Line Promotion it would remind me of our amazing trip, taking Jill to Gymboree, Girl Guide Camps with Hannah, or going to a Sens game with Adam once in awhile…is this normal, does this happen to anyone else?  Maybe I could just look through our photos insteadJ


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