Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Canadian Family Compact: How long can we get a package of disposable diaper...

How are we going to get this child potty trained?!  She is driving us crazy.  We have a stack of cloth diapers that we use sporadically, butt cloths, and a container of Monkey Doodlez Wipe Cubes.  In our possession right now are two packages of size four diapers too.  I wish we could give up the disposables cold turkey but I am thinking more along the lines of never buying them again…we do have family that baby-sit for us a lot and I know that they would not be too thrilled if we showed up with cloth diapers at their door.
I was completely floored when one of my good friends Emily from university showed up for a visit with this huge bag of cloth diapers to last the week.  She was staying with various friends during her holiday and needed to repack almost everyday.  That is dedication.  I am not sure what the brand and was or the whole contraption that kept her sane was, but I was impressed.  It is hopefully near the end of our diaper days but I want to get the info out about her system in the near future. 
In the end we are not going to invest in anything more for our child to have the luxury of not using the toilet, and we will have to become more in tune with her bathroom needs.  It is going to be a challenge as we want be motivated to ski this winter as a family and she will be layered with her thick tights, sweat pants, socks, and snow pants.  My thought is to put her cloth diaper on, then a disposable on top in case there is a leakage.  I’m not sure if I had been laundering them improperly or that she just pees rivers at one time.  The thing is her cloth ones leak a lot.  Does anyone else have this problem and what have you done to resolve it?!
So here we go and hopefully my husband remembers the compact when he is trying to wipe down a squirming, kicking, and screaming toddler!  She is already in the habit of stripping naked, peeing her bed, and putting a diaper back on to have a BM…but we still love herJ

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