Friday, May 27, 2011

Food Waste and Our obsession With Reading

Every/Sometimes on Friday we are going to join the “Food Waste Friday” Blogger’s and post what food is inedible.  I feel frustrated when food goes bad.  We work really hard to pay for food; we have a combustion engine transportation system that gets it to our stores, and wonderful grocers who work hard on supplying the food.  It takes a lot of energy to get food from the ground to our plates, and it bothers me that at the last link on the chain of command that I have failed to get it to our family.  

The Frugal Girl at invites us to share our waste, so we will be motivated not to waste it.  Please share your gripes, so that you will be motivated to eat those leftovers, cook appropriate sized meals, and not let those veggies get ignored in the bottom drawer.

This morning I got up early with Adam and decided that if I didn't throw all the vegetables into the vegetable broth I made this week, we were going to have a bunch of wasted food by Sunday.  There was half an onion and a bunch of asparagus that didn't quite make it. It is attributed to the fact that the maple syrup leaked into the drawer and now they are both quite saturated.  Right now the kitchen smells awesome with a mishmash vegetable, beef, noodle, rice soup on the stove.  Many are leftovers thrown into the pot.

We have not been doing well in regards to both food waste and food packaging the past month.  I have seen our kitchen garbage double and recycling triple in amounts.  I had a set back in dealing with depression and anxiety and thankful Adam and my mother helped by purchasing some premade meals.  

I have just finished a few books that drive home the message of less consumption in the past month that I would like to share in the coming weeks.  I admit that I needed to change one aspect of the non new purchasing.  It is in regards to books.  I love reading so much.  I love owning books that I need to return to time and time again for quotations, statistics, and information.  I don't like taking notes unless there is going to be a test, but I do like to mark up my books, bunny ear the pages, and don't mind breaking the spine.  So in the end, I purchased Annie Leonard's Story of Stuff, and did not mind when Hannah wanted to spend ALL, yes ALL of her birthday money on Rainbow Magic Fairy Books to complete her set.   I did not waiver in purchasing anything new in any other department...but I can't say the same for Adam...psst: I caught him splurging on a couple little trinkets for geocaching and power cords for our cell phones!

Note: after finding the link for her fairy books I realized that they just came out with a new series called the Night Fairy's...oh man... she already has the Weather, Sports, Music, Ocean, Jewel, Fun Day, Party, Pet, Petal, and the original Rainbow Magic Series.  Each series has 7 books plus she has all the special editions(~10)!  Thank goodness we have two girls and Hannah reads them over and over!  Perhaps a future post will be on collections, clutter and hoarding!

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